NYFW 2016

Bonjour à toutes! Ça peut paraître étrange, mais depuis quelques années maintenant, j’essaie d’améliorer mon anglais, je me suis donc dit que se serait une bonne idée si j’écrivais un article en anglais… Pour toutes mes amatrices d’anglais et de New York Fashion Week, j’espère que cet article va vous plair!!  

Ps: juste avant de commencer, je tiens à dire que je ne suis pas une « pro » en anglais, il doit surement y avoir des fautes. Merci!



New York Fashion Week 2016 is happening right now! This short period of time is a holiday for all fashion lovers and creators all over the world. It is a week in which a simple passion for clothes attracts thousands of people. We can all agree that the fashion industry is the biggest and most influential one of all. Fashion is something that is constantly changing and evolving throughout the years. Even so, a pattern is starting to show in the industry. What we might have called “ugly” for the past five years, is subject to have a big come back. Old trends are returning in stores more popular than ever. If there is one thing that you need to get out of this article, it is to never say that something is so “2005”, because it may be popular in the next eight months, resulting in you, fashionistas out there, to be the first ones to get your hands on it.


Among all the big names out there such as Prada, Versace, Michael Kors, Dolce Kabbana, Dior, Givenchy, Adidas, Yeezy (Kanye West’s collection), other talented and creative companies feature in the fashion forward couple of days. Following Snapchats stories, and articles of people with front row seats, for all these shows, I can give you little hints and insides on what is going to be “hot” for this spring time.


                                                        THE SUEDE LOOK

Designers such as Jonathan Saunders, Alberta Ferreti, Rebecca Minkoff, and Oliver Rouesteing, all presented outfits almost completely made of suede. This particular material was one of the most popular one for last year’s fall fashion. Everybody likes a nice suede skirt. Prepare to see a lot of it on you favorite stores shelves this season. Also, the typical “only brown” suede trend is over, now you can enjoy a gorgeous turquoise jacket, pastel colored clothes, and of course the more toned down look of dark/ earthy pieces, all made of the same fabric. Adding on to this, wearing suede clothing, gives immediately a “native American” vibe that has been around for hundreds of years. The old look is certainly not growing old to fashion.



                                                        BACK TO VICTORIAN

 Large dresses, pants and tops we’re present in shows of many designers like Emilia Wickstead, J.W. Anderson and Erdem. Also, the floral patterns and the ruffle parts gave an overall Victorian touch to the outfits. The choice of material which is a really light fabric is a perfect match for a comfortable and simple look. I feel like this is the start of a new and powerful trend, prepare yourself to see a hashtag, throw back Victorian air, because it is happening.          



                                                      THE COLD  SHOULDER


Another major appearance in a lot of collections was “off-shoulders” clothing. Either it be a top or a dress, it is one of this season’s most popular trend. Designers like Givenchy, Jason Wu, ADEAM, and Derek Lam prioritised this trend in their collection. Also, they chose loose fabrics which gave a more effortless yet chic vibe to their outfits. In some cases the “off-shoulder” parts are more discrete, but for a more dramatic look, it can be more extreme. Either ways, I love this trend, and I only have two words for designers like Givenchy; Good job.    


These are three fabulous trends that NYFW showed me. Obviously, there are many other super intricate and cool trends but, I decided to only focus on those three in this article. I hope that you liked it, please leave a comment in the comment section down below, to tell me, what’s your favorite trend from New York Fashion Week? I’m super curious!

Bye bye my loves, talk to you later!