It was dark outside, dark and cold. She looked at the clock hanging on her bedroom wall. 11:59 am. She thought about time. How can time pass so slowly but so fast at once? She thought about the 16 years of life that she had experience until that precise moment. Where did the time go? Suddenly, she felt destabilized, uneasy, and unsure about her future. She thought about so many things at the same time, her mind a storm of thoughts, all clustered into a single moment. I want to live she said quietly to herself. Then, like she needed to her it louder, she repeated the same statement but with more conviction: I do want to live. A small smirk perched itself of her face. Suddenly, everything seemed possible. She was sure that nothing could stop her; she was a living bundle of energy. But then, just like that. Her daydreaming came to an end; she heard her opened window close with an abrupt bang.  She looked at the small, rounded clock on her crispy white wall. 12:00 am.




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